Can An Injection Effectively Eliminate Fat In Your Double Chin?

Can An Injection Effectively Eliminate Fat In Your Double Chin?

Getting stressed seeing your double chin each time you look at the mirror and of your self photos? The extra layers of fat beneath the chin is definitely a sign of weight gain or obesity. The skin starts to lose its elasticity as the body ages leading to the appearance of a saggy skin. Developing a double chin caused by an extra layer of fat may go unnoticed for many months or even years.


In an effort to hide a double chin, you can either improve your weight loss diet meal plan or shall I jokingly say temporarily lift your chin a little to stretch the folds when taking snapshots of yourselves, while you still haven’t figured out how to best eliminate the excess fat there.


The best way to get rid of extra fat anywhere on your body is by eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. A double chin is a submental fat that occurs and is common among people who are obese or overweight.


Why the fuss about double chins anyway? If you like to look thinner, that double chin should go! Depending on the size of your double chin, it may take a few months before it is less noticeable.


A sagging chin or a double chin is nothing more than the same wrinkles you see in your neck extending up the bottom of your chin. You should keep the muscles in the neck firm and tight to eliminate that double or maybe triple chin look.


How do you keep your neck looking youthful? If you have a lot of fat in your chin, one best way to make it go away is to develop a diet plan that includes choosing foods as natural as possible.


The fat tissue distributes unevenly in the body. The area just below the chin is a typical spot where fat cells create a local fat deposit. Even young people can have a local fat accumulation under the chin.


Some people just have a genetically loose, hanging skin under their chin. No self-treatment can tighten a significantly large amount of excess saggy skin hanging under the chin.


Besides being obese, another cause is a major weight loss that left you with an excessive sagging skin. Having a double chin may affect your self-confidence.


Sure, ageing is natural, but it doesn’t have to go with a fat stored underneath the chin or fat stored around the stomach. A double chin with a protruding, sagging belly may not look good for selfies at all!


If your appearance bothers you and steal your happiness and take away your peace of mind, you should do something about this. There are exercises, cheaper weight loss diet programs, surgical solutions and nonsurgical ways available in removing a double chin.


Do you tend to store fat in your neck regardless of how fat or how slim you are? Liposuction can be a big bang for your buck, but noninvasive surgeries can also be limited and unpredictable.


Let us talk about the noninvasive options, they can be more interesting to discuss than lying on a table and under a knife. There are many nonsurgical procedures appropriate for excess fat removal that can truly help you change your face and body.


Kybella Injection to get rid excess fat and double chin



Kybella injections

The Kybella is an injectable treatment that dissolves fat in the chin. The injection contains a naturally occurring molecule which eats away the fat.


When injected properly, all other cells are left healthy and intact. Using Kybella for treatment of areas other than the double chin is not approved or recommended.


Kybella has been making headlines as the new FDA approved noninvasive chin fat reduction procedure. This fat melting injection does not need any anesthesia, but may take a few rounds of injections over a course of a few months.


It has been approved solely for the removal of fat underneath the chin. If you have sagging skin in this area, the Kybella may not be able to fix it, but a surgical intervention can do it for you.


The injection is a version of the deoxycholic acid, which is a naturally occurring molecule in the body that aids in the breakdown of dietary fat. The Kythera Biopharmaceuticals called it before as ATX-101 before they decided on the Kybella name.



It disrupts the fat cells by destroying the fat cell membrane, thus causing it to burst. What remains of the fat cell is absorbed back into the body.


It takes only about 5 minutes to do the injections, does not need any bandages, and heals for only 2 to 3 days. The side effects are bruising, swelling, and temporary numbness.


Not so great is the fact that you may need as many as 50 injections during one single treatment. Melting away the fat with a simple injection could be a good promise, but the known side effects may make some people give it a second thought.


Unfortunately, the deoxycholic acid can destroy any cell and may include the risk of nerve injury and facial muscle weakness. Having a double chin can make people look older than their real age.


You can gain a more contoured neck using the Kybella, just make sure you have it done by a licensed medical doctor who had been trained for the injection procedure.


Get rid of double chin and excess fat


CoolMini or Coolscultping

The CoolMini uses cryolipolisis to freeze and eliminate fat cells. It is a new addition to CoolSculpting that focuses on working on reducing the submental fat pad.


It is painless and takes only 45 minutes. The CoolMini is a type of CoolSculpting that takes away the non-responsive body fat without surgery, stitches, or extended downtime using CoolSculpting.


The CoolSculpting fat freezing procedure is FDA cleared. It is a nonsurgical fat reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat that resists all efforts through diet and exercise.


The results are proven, noticeable, and lasting so you end up looking great from every angle. Recently, the makers of CoolSculpting introduced the CoolMini applicator that allows licensed professionals to treat small areas of fat.


The CoolMini is ideal for targeting submental fat, more commonly known as the double chin. This includes knee fat, ankle fat, and armpit fat in the bra area.


The CoolMini is virtually painless and requires minimal to no downtime. This is nonsurgical and you are able to see the results in 1 to 2 visits already.


The cryolipolysis reduces chin and neck fat by applying controlled cooling to the treatment area, which causes submental fat to freeze, causing apoptosis, or cell death, all without damaging the skin or surrounding tissues.


Neck contouring portrays a sense of refinement that serves to enhance a person’s overall appearance. At any age, you can achieve a naturally beautiful, smooth, and graceful neckline.


Like the original CoolSculpting system, the CoolMini cryolipolysis technology cool fat cells to the point of breakdown. This is an incredibly safe option.


The system uses a specific temperature that only affects fat cells, leaving the surrounding skin, tissues, and muscles unharmed.


Once the fat cells have been broken down, they will be naturally metabolized by your body over the course of around 60 to 90 days, and leaving you with up to 24% less fat under your chin.


The best part is that all of this is achieved without needles, surgery, anesthesia or downtime. Although the special design of the CoolMini applicator makes it ideal for treating fat under the chin, it can also treat small volume areas of fat in other places.


The CoolMini makes it perfect for treating problem areas that could not be addressed with previous applicators, including

  • Areas around your armpit
  • Stubborn bulges above the knee
  • Submental fullness



The CoolSculpting is based on the research of two innovative Harvard Scientists. The technology works by freezing fat cells to death and specifically designed to reduce the fat under the chin.


Look younger, get rid of double chin



The ThermiTight uses the radio frequency technology to reduce chin fat. It is a nonsurgical and minimally invasive procedure that uses radio frequency energy to heat tissues resulting in skin tightening.


The technology can be used anywhere in the body where people desire a tighter more refined contour. It is particularly effective in tightening the skin under the chin and in the neck.


As an alternative to surgical removal of loose skin, the ThermiTight works by promoting new collagen and elastin production, which restores elasticity and skin firmness to the treated area.


The CoolMini reduces the fat and the ThermiTight tightens the skin. The combination can truly produce a neck lift level improvement without surgery.


ThermiTight is a minimally invasive procedure that brings lasting results. It heats the deep tissues of the treatment area. The radio frequency energy has been used to tighten the skin, as well as melt fat and stimulate new collagen formation.



Its new innovative technology completely bypasses the outer portion of the skin and delivers the RF energy from below. This allows optimal heating of the deep tissues without causing any damage or sensitivity to the upper layers of the skin.


This way, it reaches the deep tissues that were never possible before. It is expected to produce some of the best non-surgical face, neck, and body lift results.


A thin probe is gently threaded beneath the skin in the targeted regions, heating the tissue to the therapeutic target temperature settings. An internal and external temperature monitor ensures optimal and safe heating of the tissues.


Noninvasive double chin excess fat removal, safe



The Ulthera or Profound is a skin tightening device added to the neck tissue to help further tighten the skin in conjunction with the CoolMini or Kybella.


The Ultherapy uses safe, time tested ultrasound energy to lift and tighten the skin naturally without surgery or downtime. This procedure can help you achieve a fresher, more youthful look from your brow to your chest. It can definitely improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles.


The procedure harnesses the power of the ultrasound to transform the brow, chin, neck and chest. It has been used safely throughout the medical field for over 50 years.


The Ultherapy is a noninvasive treatment used to lift and tighten loose skin on areas, such as the eyebrows, jawline and jowls, as well as improve wrinkles on the chest.


The treatment stimulates the body’s natural production of collagen using an ultrasound energy in heating targeted tissues.


What if you could have the face, neck and body you want without surgery and any downtime? Win the battle against the bulge, remove your fat and body sculpt for a sexy defined neck contour. Be flawless!




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We all have tried tricks to remove the sagging skin and the excess fat, but it just won’t go away. Well, the noninvasive procedures are perfectly safe to try.


Remove the submental fat easily with any of the procedures stated above and be happy again. No need to hide your sagging skin and double chin wearing a scarf or a high neck top. There are many simple double chin treatments that are pocket friendly and painless.

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