Eat Less, Move More May Not Help You Lose Weight

Eat Less, Move More May Not Help You Lose Weight

Are you surprise the eat less, move more may not help you lose weight as expected? We all have a lot to learn about our bodies and how the food we eat affect our metabolism.


Anabolism synthesizes hormones and other complex substances and gives your body a youth preserving boost. During anabolism, your body can repair broken chains of proteins more effectively. It can better renew proteins, such as those in the skin and cartilage.


Without these extra calories and a hormonal boost, the rate of repair of elastin and collagen slows down every year. If you do not take measures to counter a slow metabolism, you begin to look old and fat.


Maintain a healthy balance between trimming off fat and keeping your body looking and feeling younger longer. As you age, you lose bone and muscle mass and accumulate fat. In other words, you become flabby and obese.


If you counteract this weight gain by following a traditional diet that simply reduces calorie intake, it just makes a bad situation worse. Traditional dieting slows down metabolism, which is already impaired by aging.


Understand that inadequate nutrition, reduced food intake, and a sedentary lifestyle accelerates muscle loss, bone loss, wrinkle formation, and a decrease in the production of the vital anabolic hormones, such as the HGH, testosterone, and DHEA.


weight loss diet plan and exercise


Calorie restriction through dieting slows many important rejuvenation processes and accelerates development of degenerative conditions of ageing. As you age, catabolism comes to dominate over anabolism.


Gradually, besides losing muscle and bone mass, you develop nutritional deficiencies that affect all aspects of your life, including your energy level, sex drive, immune system response, skin elasticity, joint health, bone density, and more.


The eat less, exercise more concept, if taken blindly, can actually work against you. Prolonged calories or food restriction leads to nutritional deficiencies. There is the risk of losing protein (muscles) even while exercising if you are on a calorie restricted diet.




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You need more nutrients and more calories if you are going to start a weight loss program. A high volume of exercise on calorie restricted diets suppresses the release of anabolic hormones, slows down your metabolism, and results in an overtraining.


Overtraining is a metabolic condition that results from excessive exercise without adequate periods of rest. If at any time you feel tired or sleepy, lose interest in exercise, or perform worse, you are probably on the edge of overtraining.


To prevent fat accumulation and to prolong your vitality, you need to speed up your metabolism. Sit or get fit? Obese people sit down an average of 152 minutes more each day than more slender individuals. Sedentary individuals have a significant loss of muscle mass with ageing.


A sluggish metabolic rate is usually caused by crash diets, yo-yo diets, overeating, skipping meals, and choosing the wrong food. You should know that skipping meals or going for more than 12 hours without eating lowers your metabolic rate by about 40%. Also, many medications lower the metabolic rate.


Here is the thing. Muscle cells burn about 70 times more calories than fat cells, which is the main reason they are so crucial for maintaining weight loss. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolic rate.


maximize fat burning for weight loss


Your options for simple exercises may include walking, stair climbing, cycling, and jogging. Walking for 30 minutes burns roughly 200 calories depending on your speed. Think how you can modify your sedentary lifestyle to incorporate some incidental cardio.


Probably the best time of day to burn fat is first thing in the morning. After an overnight sleep, your body is starved of nutrients because you haven’t eaten anything for 8 hours. Your body’s supply of ready energy is low, so you are more likely to tap into your fat reserves.


You can burn up to 3 times more fat when you train before breakfast. It’s also worth remembering that your body continues to burn fat stores after you stop exercising. To maximize this delayed fat burning effect, wait an hour after working out before you eat.




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The secret to weight loss is maintaining a healthy immune system, make sure you get all the nutrients your body needs to function optimally in a day, change your eating habits and lifestyle, and build muscles. Strategically including little incidental exercises here and there can make a big difference in your daily calorie expenditure. Burning extra few hundred calories a day elevates your basal metabolic rate and makes a substantial contribution to weight loss.

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