Gain Weight, Age Fast, Drink Softdrinks!

Gain Weight, Age Fast, Drink Softdrinks!

Guess that sweet smile after drinking a can of cold cola won’t last long after all, especially later when you find yourself massively increasing your calorie intake, gaining weight, and ageing yourself at the same rate as the smoker. Softdrinks are a major source of excess calories, largely derived from their high fructose corn syrup. By displacing water, softdrinks have significantly contributed to weight gain.


Drinking is driven by thirst and not hunger. Because of the known hazards of softdrink calories, most soda drinkers embraced the diet version, but still contain sweeteners that do not have nutritional value.


Don’t you know that the physiological changes of ageing have a lot to do with the overall nutritional status of elderly people?


If you continue to consume the same amount of calories as you did when you were younger, you may gain weight and get a sagging belly as fast as lightning, you wouldn’t know what hit you!


Of course, you already know this, but still ignored the fact that drinking softdrinks have a lot to do with your weight gain! Yes, I also know drinking a chilled soda is simply irresistible, especially on a hot summer weather.


Unfortunately, beverages with artificial sweeteners can make you gain weight fast. Even the diet sodas are actually linked to weight gain. With your sedentary lifestyle sitting in the office or home computer all day, you probably are getting the most of your weight gain seen in the abdominal region.


A sagging stomach, referred to as central obesity, predisposes you to insulin resistance and a type II diabetes.


The present environment you may have now has a lot to do with your diet. For example, the Australians consume about 119 to 136g of sugar per person per day, 30% from softdrinks and the rest from sweetened softdrinks, ice cream, and cereals.



Weight gain and obesity

Artificial sweeteners trigger responses that can make you eat more. The artificial sweeteners are tricksters. The reason?


First, they trick your taste buds into thinking that you are consuming sugar. Then, they fool and confuse your digestive and metabolic systems, and undermine the unconscious processes that help us regulate weight and blood sugar.


While in the conscious minds, artificial sweeteners can also create cognitive distortions, meaning, you can fall into the trap of thinking a piece of cake is okay, because you are having it with a diet drink.


So, through both physiological and psychological effects, consuming artificial sweeteners can make you more likely to eat more than you would normally.


Most diet drinks are also acidic and promote tooth decay in addition to the significant amount of caffeine that increases blood pressure, stiffens the arteries, makes you pee more, and leads to dependency.


weight loss program with no sugar


One study pointed out that there is a direct correlation between the quantity of diet soda consumed and the increase in waist circumference of adults over the age of 65. Artificial sweeteners influence the brain’s pleasure sensors in a dramatic way that ends up increasing your appetite and making you gorge for food.


Just one can of cola contains an approximately 46g of sugar, which is already more than the recommended daily amount of sugar in a day. Sugar puts stress on the adrenal glands and interferes with the insulin function, thus causing fluctuating blood sugar levels.


The more sugar you eat, the more highs and lows you are going to experience in your blood sugar. If the glucose produced by eating that sugary snack or drinking that sugary drink has nowhere to go, then the body simply lays it down as fat.


Softdrinks leach calcium out of the bones and also raise the blood sugar levels, increase insulin production and turn you into a fat producing machine. The more you drink sweetened drinks, even if they are artificially sweetened, the more you will crave carbohydrates and sugary snacks.


Several studies also indicate softdrinks, which contain phosphoric acid, may increase a person’s risk of osteoporosis. Studies suggest that softdrinks may displace calcium containing softdrinks from the diet rather than directly causing the osteoporosis.


Gain weight, age fast, drink softdrinks



Gives you wrinkles, makes you age fast

Excess sugar shortens your lifespan and facilitates ageing, because it robs the essential vitamins and minerals, prevents essential fats from being utilized, feeds the gut’s bad bacteria, cause bloating, dissolves the minerals in the teeth, and eventually gives you candida.


Sugar crosslinks with proteins, stiffening tissues, making it less flexible and elastic, thus causing the appearance of wrinkles. This process is called glycation. Whether softdrinks are low in calorie or full fat, any of them contain additives and colorings, such as formaldehyde, aspartic acid, and phenylalanine.


Diet drinks are better than the regular ones for your teeth, but not for your anti aging skin care goals. The less sweet things you eat and drink, the less you need to eat just to create a sense of sweetness, which goes the same for salt!


Like alcohol and tobacco, sugar is addictive and toxic. Sugar makes you crave sweets even more, changes your metabolism, critically alters the signaling of hormones, and raises your blood pressure.


Sugar ages you faster than you can say through the formation of AGEs. The best example are the diabetics who tends to age faster than the nondiabetics. Eating even a teaspoon of sugar is sufficient to raise the sugar content of your blood and create a lot of AGEs.



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Softdrinks makes you age fast and gain weight


AGEs form inside the body whenever you increase the sugar content of the blood and reacts with proteins, fats, enzymes, and even the DNA of your cells. Glycation ages you and it happens every time you eat the deadly metabolic poison called sugar!


AGEs are absorbed into various tissues of the body, where they remain for long periods, causing oxidative damage. This initiates chronic inflammation. To make matters even worse, oxidative stress and inflammation facilitate the formation of even more AGEs.


Never feel old again. Stop or limit your intake of softdrinks. Imagine life with fab abs and younger looking skin. Maintaining a young looking skin can just be on that bottle. The best aging skin care is literally lowering your sugar intake.


Stop drinking too much sugar from softdrinks. Create efficient weight loss programs, boost your weight loss plans, and keep off the nasty visceral fat from your sagging belly. In other words, stay fit and pretty without the fat on your belly!

Shirley Chio

Shirley Chio is a Virtual Assistant Philippines and a Filipina Blogger of anti aging skincare and weight loss solutions. She personally makes all the research in this blog, so she can stay fit and slim, and still look pretty chic over 50! She believes that you can change your path and build your life, only if you CREATE YOURSELF at the right moment, with the right solutions.

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