Can Rubbing With A Freshly Sliced Lemon Gives Your Skin A Whitening Effect?

Can Rubbing With A Freshly Sliced Lemon Gives Your Skin A Whitening Effect?

The skin whitening power of the lemon juice is the cheapest and most popular remedy to lighten your skin in a few weeks. But, can you just slice and then, rub the lemon during your bath, and over time whiten your skin? Yes, I have done this since 2015, and yes, you get a fair skin over time, if and only if, you do this whenever you take a bath. Actually, it is very simple. You just rub the lemon with the rind all over your face and body. It cleanses the skin, and slowly lightens it over time. Skin lightening using the fresh lemon slice does work but will take time. The citric acid in lemon is its natural lightening component, that helps you lighten your skin gradually.


Both the sliced fresh lemon and the lemon juice dry out the skin and makes it susceptible to sun damage. Please do not forget to apply a moisturizer on your face after leaving the shower or bath. Apply lotion all over your body.


Dermatologists say the best time to put on a moisturizer and a lotion is right after your bath, which gives you the chance to trap some water on your skin and thus, making it moist. When you moisturize, some of the water gets trapped in your skin, thus keeping it moist longer.


The easiest way to moisturize is to invest in a lotion you love. I used the St. Ives Shea Butter lotion, because it worked fine for me since I was in college. What is your preferred brand?



Bleaching and skin lightening

The lemon juice is an astringent juice with natural bleaching properties. When used as a skin lightener, the effect may not be instant. You may be able to alter skin tone after a few months.


The lemon rub skin whitening effects are not permanent. The lemons may not permanently change the color of your skin, but it can temporarily lighten it and brighten even the skin on your knees and elbows.



Reduce blemishes and dark spots

The lemon rub also helps reduce blemishes, freckles, and dark spots. The freckles are what you see on your face following sun exposure, which are actually a concentration of skin pigmentation.


Lemon juice applied on the skin may not fully eliminate the freckles, but it can reduce its visibility. Ideally, it should be freshly squeezed and applied on the face.


Understand that the lemon juice is not a cure for the freckles. Its effect is only skin lightening. It shall be used for several weeks, before the treatment shows visible results.




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Skin exfoliation

The dead skin gives a dry and dull appearance, but when you use the lemon juice daily, the citric acid helps shed the dead cells off your skin, and as a result, brightens the skin.


One technique some women used is to dip a sliced lemon into sugar before rubbing on the face.


low cost skin whitening lemon rub



Anti aging wrinkle reducer

Lemon juice can truly works wonders on your skin. It is a natural exfoliator that acts as a gentle peel and removes the dead top layer of skin cells. It removes blackheads and whiteheads, tones oily skin, and fights off acne and wrinkles.


Lemons contain alpha hydroxy acids that help smoothen fine lines, reduce wrinkles, improve skin texture and enhance the overall appearance of your skin. You should not spend long periods in the sun when using the lemon juice, because you are very susceptible to sun damage.



As long as you do not overexpose yourself under the heat of the sun, you are safe and can stay pretty using the sliced lemon rub as a skin whitener and for your anti aging wrinkle treatment. When you use lemon, the skin lightening effect is natural, but may gradually happen over time, and not in an instant. It took me over a year to see visible results and I was truly happy with its skin whitening and brightening effects.

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