Can Fried Foods Cause You Pimples And Wrinkles?

Can Fried Foods Cause You Pimples And Wrinkles?

Eating fried foods can be good for your taste buds, but not for your ageing skin care. It is not just that fried foods are high in fat, they are often loaded with un-pretty fat sources, like cooked oils and trans fats. Oils that have been heated to a high temperature for frying purposes become major sources of free radicals, which are the reactive oxygen molecules that steal electrons from healthy molecules in your body, causing cellular damage in the process.


Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms with an odd or unpaired number of electrons that were normally formed when the oxygen interacts with certain molecules. Once formed, they are highly reactive and works like a domino chain.


The main danger of this reaction is when they influence the DNA, cell membrane, and other cells. The cells may die or function poorly if this occurs. The free radicals are highly unstable, reactive molecules that caused cell damage.


The free radicals can damage your cells and your DNA through oxidation. Fats and oils can become oxidized during storage as a result of exposure to light, air or heat.


When fats and oils are heated to high temperatures, as they are during deep frying, they become oxidized and produce free radicals. Reused cooking oil become more oxidized and produce even more free radicals.


The free radicals in fried foods cause wrinkles, inflammation, age spots, and head to toe beauty issues. Convenience and snack foods, which absorb substantial amounts of frying oils are particularly susceptible to oxidation.


Fried foods produce free radicals that create wrinkles


Those harmless, delicious looking fries are also likely to be hidden sources of trans fat. Trans fat has been linked to obesity, inflammation, high cholesterol, and heart disease.


We get old because we get damaged at a molecular level and cellular level, molecule by molecule, cell by cell. A scientific way to look at this process is to think of its as rusting, which is actually the oxidizing process.


When free radical damage reaches the cells of our DNA, then our DNA can permanently get damaged and caused us to age. The DNA contains the genetic code for replacement cells that take the place of old cells every two to five months. Any slight change makes the new cells incapable of running in its optimum.



Your French fries may give you acne

Trans fat can aggravate, even cause, a hormonal imbalance in your body. It is a trigger for acne and pimples. With the raging hormonal changes, one may experience a pH balance swing from acidic to alkaline, plus a variety of unpleasant and unwanted microbes causing acne.


Scientific studies suggest that some foods can aggravate acne, such as refined vegetable oils, deep fried foods, caffeine, sugar, cocoa, chocolate, nuts, processed foods and ingredients, to name just a few. Simply avoid foods that cause oxidative stress.




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Every organ in your body is affected by what you eat or drink. Staying away from foods that caused oxidative stress preserves your health, maintains your beauty, and slow down aging, such as

Artificial sweeteners


Refined sugar


White flour


Hydrogenated oils


High fat foods & saturated fats, like bacon


Enriched foods (nutrients lost during food processing have been added back)


Fried foods and foods cooked in oil at high temperatures



Oxidative stress occurs when there is too many free radicals and cellular damage


Fried foods are full of damaged molecules or free radicals that put the skin into overdrive. Foods such as the French fries, onion rings, and deep fried shrimps are examples of foods that contain a lot of trans fatty acids.


Trans fat disrupts cellular function and makes cell membranes stiff and flexible, which contributes to insulin resistance. Trans fat interferes with the conversion of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids to their most usable form in the body, and show up later in a host of skin problems, that includes acne and eczema.



Ageing from eating fried foods

Rancid oils generate more free radicals. The free radicals they produced are very reactive and attack the cell walls, thus resulting in damaged skin, wrinkles, sagging skin, and other signs of ageing.


Many polyunsaturated vegetable oils contribute to glycation, which is also known as caramelization or caramelizing. Caramelizing means browning.


As this continues, the fatty acids in your body can make you age faster, especially the polyunsaturated fatty acids turn rancid or glycate, turn brown.


Processed, convenience, and fast foods caused inflammation. Inflammation equals ageing. Inflammation is the reason you get wrinkles.


Proinflammatory foods to avoid are red meats and saturated fats, fried foods, softdrinks, excess sugar, dairy products, heavily processed grains containing gluten, trans fat (found in margarines, baked goods, chips, candies, and cereals), and some types of cooking oil.


Not only do free radicals speed up the ageing process internally, but they also cause the ageing process to accelerate externally. Wrinkles on the outside are matched by the dysfunctional tissues on the inside.


Having wrinkles is not a sign of age, but a sign of massive exposure to unquenched free radicals. It signals internal damage that can still be corrected before the internal organs malfunction.


Beauty is more than skin deep. Your skin is a reflection of much deeper processes happening in your body. The glowing, wrinkle free complexion you have always dreamed of is just within your reach.


oxidative stress due to free radicals can cause you ageing


You can prevent and limit the visible signs of aging without surgery. What you eat can make your skin radiant, healthy, and age defiant. Choose foods that are not high in fat, are natural and contain fewer preservatives.


Your body is under constant attack from oxidative stress due to these free radicals, which are linked to ageing and wrinkles. Once free radicals are formed, a chain reaction can occur. This domino effect can eventually disrupt and damage the whole cell.


Oxidative stress occurs when there are too many free radicals and too much cellular damage. The free radicals can damage the human body’s instructional code, causing new cells to grow incorrectly leading to ageing. Regardless of whatever anti wrinkle treatment you have, if you have cellular damage, then you will age faster. No amount of anti aging skincare creams can repair it.

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