Juicing Weight Loss Programs, Can It Deliver What It Promised?

Juicing Weight Loss Programs, Can It Deliver What It Promised?

Lose weight easily by juicing – that’s the promise made by this popular weight loss diet plan! If you are having difficulty shrinking your waist, why not let the juicing weight loss program help you lose excess weight? Do you want to get rid of toxins while working on your body shape? Have a tasty, nutritious detox treatment by juicing fruits and vegetables. You can do the juice fast in a few days, just like how you did the intermittent fasting. To lose weight safely, you should not bring your body into the starvation mode. Starvation mode can cause your body to use your muscle tissues as fuel.



Benefits and consequences

Some online wellness program coach may recommend a juice fast. However, you must consider what you lose and gain when you do this. After the initial weight loss, you gain back the weight and you lose your health!



Weight loss tips for you

Here is the best idea some employee wellness programs may give of what seems to be a healthy weight loss. Create a weight loss plan that can make you subtract at least 500 calories each day, so you loose weight about 1 pound per week.


If you go down to 1,000 calories a day, you lose about 2 pounds per week. Just make sure you are not running into being vitamins and nutrients deficient.


Do not go losing weight beyond 2 pounds per week, because cutting back drastically to lose weight faster is generally not safe for you. It will actually work against you, if your body goes into the starvation mode.


Make sure you get all the nutrients your body needs in a day, and you should not eat less than an average of 1,200 calories daily, except when advised by a healthcare provider.


Juicing Weight Loss Programs for smaller waist


Although it is possible to initially lose weight by cutting calories alone, you need a fitness routine to keep off unwanted pounds.


The truth is, if you want to maintain your weight loss for years, you must find ways to add more physical activity that can go along with your current lifestyle, specifically your diet plan.


The best approach for your initial weight loss is to juice it, and make it work like an intermittent fasting. Choose the approach that is most likely to work for you, but never ever ignore nutrition!



Weight loss on a starvation mode

Cutting drastically and turning away from heart healthy diets in an attempt to get rid of excess weight can slow down your metabolic rate and your ability to burn calories. Always remember to pay good attention to the importance of nutrition before you subtract calories.


Going on juice fast or very low calorie diets often takes a big toll on your health and may lead to lethargy, grumpiness, joint pain, and many more. In fact, the longer you fast, the more lethargic and less focused you become.


While some people lose weight quickly on a juice fast of about 5 to 10% of their weight in the first few months, many regain all the weight they lose or worst, regain ever more weight than they lost within 5 years.


This is not just a let me follow anyway diet, because it can deliver more health problems than you can imagine. You still have to make the transition from solid to liquid foods, before the actual fast begins.


It is highly recommended that you do this with the guidance of an expert. During a short fast that last a few days, the pH balance of your stomach changes and becomes more alkaline.


Juice fast weight loss plan for smaller waist


As your digestive tract is being cleansed, you will experience a dramatic weight loss of water, minerals, and water soluble vitamins that were heavily excreted by your body. You also lose up to 75 grams of protein per day.


You will also likely experience hunger, headaches, lightheadedness and copious urination. Longer fast anywhere from 4 days to a week, may bring you bad effects, such as feeling nauseous, exhausted, nervous and short of breath.


This is because the liver starts to eliminate chemicals and toxins in your body. For long fasts, you may develop bad breath, diarrhea, body odor, and skin eruptions.


An extended fast lasting 2 weeks or longer may bring your body to a deep tissue cleansing and organ detox, that can make you feel stressed and irritable. Sometimes, you experience a sense of euphoria, which medical science claims as starvation and never cleansing and regeneration.



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Many individuals who practice juice fast experienced dehydration, exhaustion and weakness. A prolonged juice fast causes low blood sugar levels, which leaves you tired and weak.


Dehydration symptoms may include a dry mouth, excessive tiredness, thirst, headaches, dizziness, and mental confusion. You also urinate less frequently. There is a lot involved here.


With your juicing activity, you slow down your metabolism, which is entirely dependent on the amount of food you eat, the frequency of your meals, and the amount of physical activity you receive.


An extended juice fast can affect your emotional health. It is not advisable to be on a juice fast if not needed or advised by a medical professional. Besides, when your metabolism slows down, you would gain back the weight easily. In some cases, it can lead to depression.


Create a weight loss plan that can make you subtract at least 500 calories each day



Find a better weight loss program than the juice fast!



To improve your weight loss plan, you just add freshly juiced fruits and vegetables to your diet plan. You can get rid of excess weight when you eat less calories and improve your eating habits. Find a weight loss solution that focuses on nutrition, healthy diet plan, and fitness training.

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