Master Your Metabolism And Stay Slim For Life

Master Your Metabolism And Stay Slim For Life

The idea of losing weight is not that complicated after all. Master your metabolism, control your food cravings, improve your body shape, and stay slim for life! Boost your calorie burn with two simple steps – diet and exercise. You can definitely outsmart your metabolism by eating right and doing some daily fitness routine. A regular exercise combined with a good weight loss diet plan can help you stay lean.


If you are getting desperate your fat seems not to go away regardless of what you do, you can try this strategy instead of skipping meals. Eat smart, move more, and weigh less! It is wrong to think that eating less can make you lose weight fast, because it can cause your body to lose muscle mass and screw your metabolism.


The secret to losing weight is to improve your cholesterol profile and insulin sensitivity. The best way to shed pounds is the magic combination of diet and exercise. A moderate exercise combined with a moderate diet is the best option to lose weight and build lean muscle mass.



Move more

Studies found that those who are constantly moving burn more calories, which includes activities like walking, cleaning, or even shrugging your shoulders. Every time a muscle fiber moves, it uses energy and increases your metabolism.


It is true that larger muscle fibers burn more calories, if you are trying to lose or maintain weight or just keep your metabolism elevated, make sure you are twitching and fidgeting as much as possible.


However, you should understand that exercise alone without the weight loss diet plan will do you no good. Seriously! You have to also eat your way to a faster metabolism.


Get fit, lose weight, and achieve fab abs. Deliberately change your lifestyle, especially your food choices for the better.


lose weight fast through diet and exercise



Food impacts metabolism

Learn how to manipulate your metabolism. Burning more calories actually depends on your food choices and physical activity. The metabolism cells contain the mitochondria, which is the powerhouse of the human body.


The regulation of the human body’s metabolic pathways is influenced by diet. To give you an idea, a high insulin producing diet can inhibit fat burning and may result in a metabolic inefficiency.


Metabolic inefficiency can cause a lifelong accumulation of excess body fat. Once you hit your 40s, you have to mind your mitochondria with exercise and modified eating habits.


For example, a bad digestion can slow down metabolism. Improve your digestion and you will find yourself raising your metabolism and losing weight.


The trick? It all lies in food combination. Everything that ferments during digestion produces gas and will result in a lowered metabolism.


Reducing refined carbohydrates may help speed up metabolism. Anything you consumed affects your metabolism. Start paying attention to your food cravings, which is usually the food your body has an intolerance to.


Food intolerances are like a brake for metabolism. Losing weight is not rocket science nor a complicated process.


Blood sugar stabilization may help you boost your metabolism. Constant exposure to high amounts of insulin can lead to metabolic syndrome.


Do not skip meals and improve your metabolic rate. A growling belly signals falling blood sugar, and that is absolutely a no no for metabolism.


Every time you miss a single meal, your blood sugar drops and your body over releases a hormone that makes you burn muscle instead of fat. Eating a high fiber diet, such as fruits and vegetables helps keep the digestive system moving smoothly.


To be precise …


Hunger pangs are caused by low blood sugar that tell your digestive system there is a food shortage (In other words, you are experiencing a famine state.) and that your body needs to slow down to conserve energy.


This is accomplished by effectively putting the brakes on your metabolism, which can happen even before you actually experience hunger pangs. One low blood sugar indicator is sudden mood or attitude swings.




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Walk off your meal. Take a walk after a meal. A 15 minutes walk is better than nothing. A slow paced walk of 15 minutes duration can already produce a measurable effect and an even bigger reduction if you extend it to 40 minutes. A walk after a meal increases metabolism as well as prevents sugar spike.


What you feed your body affects your metabolism. The lack of understanding about the factors that affect metabolism and your metabolic rate can impact fat burning and weight loss.


To recap


Time and time again, I should remind you to eat your way to a faster metabolism by adding high fiber foods, such as fruits and vegetables to your weight loss diet program. Achieve natural weight loss and get rid of belly fat fast when you do some strength training and build lean muscle mass.

Shirley Chio

Shirley Chio is a Virtual Assistant Philippines and a Filipina Blogger of anti aging skincare and weight loss solutions. She personally makes all the research in this blog, so she can stay fit and slim, and still look pretty chic over 50! She believes that you can change your path and build your life, only if you CREATE YOURSELF at the right moment, with the right solutions.

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