Melt The Fat And Blast The Sagging Belly With SculpSure Noninvasive Technology

Melt The Fat And Blast The Sagging Belly With SculpSure Noninvasive Technology

Do you have stubborn fat in your abdomen and flanks that you simply can’t get rid of? Carrying this pouch can be frustrating. Losing the flabs may simply mean adjusting your lifestyle, but if it persists, you might need the help of SculpSure for an apparent weight loss. If you find yourself getting stressed each time you fit a skinny jeans, you may want to try this new noninvasive SculpSure fat treatment that can help destroy your fat cells and give you a beach body ready in time for the summer. That’s it girl. Lose the love handles with this fat burning no needles needed technology.


Girl, if you got the money for your beauty and body shape enhancements, do it now! Why wait for months when you can do it in hours without fuss? Save the day to day headache and disappointment when you see that sagging stomach in the mirror.


Melt your muffin belly easily without making trips to the gym or following expensive fad diets. It is just that we both know some types of fat are truly difficult to get rid of and they seem to continue being visible, especially on the arms, legs, and stomach.


The SculpSure is an innovative process meant to sculpt and define your body shape in a noninvasive manner. It is the world’s first FDA cleared laser treatment for the lipolysis without surgery of the flanks and abdomen.


This state of the art technology is ideal in getting rid of stubborn fat. It is customizable, hands free, and noninvasive with a flat, nonsuction applicator design.


Its controlled hyperthermic fat reduction elevates the adipose tissue temperature with no damage on the dermal tissue. This allows the SculpSure to treat areas of troublesome fat in just 25 minutes.


It practically removes up to 25% of the stubborn fat in the treated area within 25 minutes. The fat cells are damaged by the laser. Your body via inflammation will clear away the dead fat cells and any lipid in the cell.


The body metabolizes the broken or damaged fat tissue. The destroyed cells are always gone, but the other fatty areas may increase with weight gain again. Dieting during the recovery may help make your body more likely to remove the injured tissues.


The human body is born with a finite number of cells. When it gains or lose weight, the cells become larger or smaller. If removed or destroyed, they are gone forever. Interesting option to achieve a natural looking slimmer appearance!


No surgery, no downtime, just results! This is how the SculpSure works. It uses a laser to target and destroy the fat cells. Even with diet and exercise, most people have stubborn pockets of fat that seem impossible to lose.


However, this body contouring technology is able to target and destroy these fat cells in max of 25 minutes treatment. The body’s sophisticated defense or immune system is sophisticated enough to target and destroy the fat cells as well as remove them quickly.


Over time, the body naturally eliminates the disrupted fat cells. Results can be seen in 6 weeks, while optimal results can be seen in 12 weeks.


Lose the love handles with this fat burning technology



Easy body sculpting

Mold that every angle of you to perfection. Start your body sculpt the painless way. Shape up and harmoniously tone your body using a noninvasive fat reduction device.


After years of carrying extra weight and excess fat on your belly, you would be glad to finally remove those stubborn love handles and catch up with how it feels to be called sexy!


With customized fat reduction in the problem spots, you can be sure to eliminate unwanted fat deposits and loose skin in a few weeks without pain. Freezing the fat, blasting the fat with ultra sound, and destroying it with a laser, it can very well stand alone as the sole fat reduction method for your overall weight loss program.


The problem with getting older, is the slowdown of a person’s metabolism. If you don’t become more physically active and do not watch out your calorie intake, you are going to replace your muscle tissue by a body fat. Particularly, it would seek refuge and find a home into your abdomen.


Fortunately, the SculpSure can destroy those fat cells with less discomfort and without surgery. The reduction in the back pain, more agility and less weight on your joints can contribute to an overall more active lifestyle.


Women tend to carry more fat in their lower body, such as the hips and thighs, which gives them a fuller figure that is more like of a pear shape or an hourglass. Eliminate the excess body fat for better looking hourglass body shape and better health.


In a 25 minute session, this state of the art, controlled light based technology can melt up to 24% of the targeted fat cells. Many people follow a fairly balanced diet and exercise regime, but still have difficulty losing weight in the problem areas, such as the abdomen or the love handles.


define and sculpt your body to perfection


This noninvasive lipolysis is safe for use on all skin types. It should be regarded as a body shaping and contouring procedure to help achieve a desirable body form.


The procedure is not intended for patients who are significantly overweight. This works best when combined with a healthy diet and exercise regime. This makes the whole thing perfect for prewedding beauty regimes, holiday makeovers, and post baby recovery.


SculpSure is similar to CoolSculpting but takes less time and is less painful too. SculpSure is one of the latest techniques that serves to destroy fat and melt it away. Here is what it can do

Treat up to 4 areas in 25 minutes


Uses flat applicators that do not use suction


Uses a laser that targets fat, sparring between surrounding tissues as nerves


Provides smoother contours, because the heat is dispersed outside of the treatment area


The only nonsurgical fat reduction technique that also provides skin tightening in ongoing FDA trials




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Once the fat is destroyed it never comes back. The laser shoots energy into the fat cells, which are then destroyed by the body over a 6 to 12 week period.


The body absorbs the ruptured fat cells and it is released into the urine and stool. For women, after having children, you may end up with a layer of fat in the lower belly called as pooch.


If you don’t want to carry this belly pouch for a lifetime, you can stop the nagging feeling and take care of things with the SculpSure procedure.


Here is the happy ending of the story. You really get to lose the fat for good. The main draw of most patients about this procedure is the permanent fat reduction. You can target your stubborn areas

Belly fat


Back fat


Inner thigh squish and the like



Don’t worry. The body’s immune system clears the body of these cells, which shrinks the treated area. The procedure is said to be best for already active people with a BMI of 30 or less.




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Melt the fat fast with SculpSure. After the 25 minute treatment is finished, you can resume your daily activities, as there is no post treatment down time. SculpSure is FDA cleared to reduce stubborn fat in the belly, love handles, or even under the chin. Tired of exercising and developing a weight loss program that just won’t remove the stubborn fat? Try this noninvasive procedure and get back your body shape in 25 minutes. Weight loss is now a matter of technology!

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