Eat More And Still Stay Slim With A NEAT Lifestyle

Eat More And Still Stay Slim With A NEAT Lifestyle

How does this weight loss trick sound to you? We’ve all been there a thousand times, seeing someone who eats all she can and still defy everything there is about the concept of calories and weight gain. How can she eat a lot and still stay thin?


According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), these people must have engaged themselves in a practice known as the Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT).


Engaging in NEAT throughout the day can increase your metabolism by up to 50%. This is quite a shock to me as I have not known this yet until this research and writing. NEAT can help you burn up to 3,000 calories per day.


This idea could translate well to a lot of pasta and dessert without worries. If you normally burn 2,000 calories per day while sedentary, NEAT can still make it up to 3,000 calories per day!


You can use NEAT to burn more calories as a supplementary part of your weight loss program, but what is NEAT exactly? The theory is something that goes like this.


You can expend calories in either of these ways: gym or engaging in NEAT. Sounds interesting huh?


This oversimplified concept has been completely passed in today’s high tech, information loaded society. If losing weight is really a matter of counting calories in and calories out, then the easiest way to do it is to be a NEAT person.


NEAT is a lifestyle. Keeping it NEAT burns some of those extra calories. Every person’s body has a basal metabolic rate, which is needed to do its very basic functions, including the brain activity, heartbeat, breathing plus more.


A sedentary person’s BMR is about 60% of its daily energy expenditure. Your activity thermogenesis can be purposefully done at the gym or through NEAT. I finally got your attention this time, yeah?


In your sedentary world, NEAT can account up to 30% of your daily caloric expenditure. It can vary up to 2,000 calories of your total calories burned. Increasingly, this can make a big difference to the numbers on your weighing scale.


The thermic effect of food also helps you burn calories. This is because you digest, absorb, and process food.


So, after all those years of being told to stop fidgeting, scientific research has now come out with the conclusion that moving around in your seat is a good thing rather than remaining motionless for hours.


If you aren’t already in the habit of shifting, fidgeting and twiddling, then you have to start moving consciously now so you can burn calories in real time.



Here are some ways you can engage in NEAT

Toe and heel raises. Sit up straight so your head is up, chin slightly tucked, and shoulders are back and relaxed. Raise your toes to point to the ceiling. Hold for a few seconds, then drop them. Next, lift your heels off the floor, tighten your calf muscles for a few seconds, then drop your heels to the floor.


Hip flexion can work on your abs. Sit up straight with both feet flat on the floor. Raise your right knee one or two inches off your chair. Hold for 30 seconds and then switch to the other leg.


Leg extension. Sit upright in your chair with feet flat on the floor. Extend your right leg out straight in front of you. Hold for 30 seconds and then switch to the other leg.


Stability ball. Sitting on a stability ball to constantly balance and re-balance your body. During the process, you burn up calories.


Even though these activities don’t burn a large number of calories by themselves, they do add up over time. Those who engage in NEAT are more likely to succeed in losing weight and keeping it off long term than those who don’t.


Gardening and household chores. A few hours of gardening, home repair or other active pursuits can burn hundreds of calories. Sweeping and mopping burns about 240 calories per hours and is a great upper and lower body workout. Cooking burn about 150 calories per hour. Painting burns about 290 calories per hour.


Burn calories with NEAT Lifestyle


You must understand that although NEAT burn calories, it cannot replace exercise and does not strengthen your heart and lungs in the same way that cardiovascular exercises do. It also does not build muscle as strength training does.


5 minute walks. Interspersing 5 minute walks throughout your day burns calories, and may also help control hunger. Research found that a group sample of obese individuals who walk for 5 minutes at 12 times per day (for a total of 60 minutes) reported feeling less hungry than the other days.


The bottom line is that exercise can make you less hungry. So, how can NEAT work for you?


Leave the car at home and choose a transportation that gets you moving.


Socialize on the move and go for a walk while you catch up.


Seek out stairs and burn some calories rather than using escalators and elevators.


Pace instead of standing while waiting for a bus or stuck in a grocery store.


Stand instead of sitting and try walking during those times.


Move a little, lose a lot! Free yourself from your desk sentence and reclaim your heat living a NEAT lifestyle. Sitting was once a break in a busy day. Now it is the singular way most people spend their time.


Did you ever stop to think whether your body was equipped to sit for 13, 14, 15 or maybe more hours a day?


Did you ever consider what happens to your heart, muscles, and metabolism when you virtually sit immobile for more than 80% of your waking hours?


Most of us haven’t, because we accept as the way it is. Well, that is not what it’s meant to be. Your sitting lifestyle has disastrous consequences.


Go clean your room! Moms can be right after all.


NEAT lifestyle is not a quick fix diet, but motion is the notion that will keep you fit.


You’ll not only burn more calories and rev your fat burning metabolism, but also, you’ll process information faster and more clearly, because your brain works better on the move.


Stand up for your health and start living the NEAT life today.


According to Dr. Levine, someone who is deskbound for 8 hours a day burns approximately 300 NEAT calories during that period. In comparison, someone who is not deskbound, such as a waiter, burns around 1,300 NEAT calories. That’s a difference of 1,000 calories!




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NEAT lifestyle for weight loss


For someone who is deskbound and does not exercise, it could quickly lead to obesity and all the negative health consequences that go along with it.


A sitting body doesn’t expend much energy. The signals that normally are sent as a result of moving and burning calories are literally turned off.


Simultaneously, the processes that store fat are summoned to duty. Obesity and sedentary behavior go hand in hand.


Sit less and move more. Apparently, you need a blueprint about how to move and carry on with your NEAT lifestyle.


You can stand and burn more calories. Besides, standing promotes more movement throughout the day.




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From the ironing to washing the car, the household chores you do every day may burn more calories than you think. Don’t you know that with a mega cleaning session, you can work off just as many calories as your regular workout or exercise class?


Boost your fitness just by keeping your home clean and tidy. For example, if you mopped, vacuumed, dusted and did the dishes all in one go, you could burn off an entire large slice of pizza. Washing the car burns 314 calories per hour. Cleaning the windows for an hour burns 231 calories.


When you are doing the washing up, you could step up the burn by standing on one leg. Keep in mind that this is part of your weight loss program. They are in effect, keeping you fit and help you lose weight fast without the hassle of a trip to the gym. Go NEAT and burn calories as much as you can with simple household chores. Neat can help you lose weight without counting calories!

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