How Can Protein And Amino Acid Supplementation Influence Your Weight Loss Program?

How Can Protein And Amino Acid Supplementation Influence Your Weight Loss Program?

Getting crazy trying to get rid of excess weight? When no amount of sit ups, no number of reps, and no hours of cardio training is making the dent needed in the scales and in the body, and also to bring on the drastic changes needed to lose weight, increase energy levels, and improve wellness and health, that is because you forget one thing. To correct the damage that’s been done, you should first correct the diet.


Maybe a protein and amino acid supplementation may help increase fat loss. Supplementing with amino acids to lose weight can balance your hormones, put metabolic processes in working order, and replenish your body with much needed nutrition. This story might inspire you.


In one study, obese people were divided into two groups.  One group was instructed to take a meal replacement with essential amino acids and whey protein, while the other group was instructed to take a protein replacement without essential amino acids.


The result? The group with essential amino acids + whey protein as part of the meal replacement showed more fat loss due to an improved muscle synthesis.


Both groups lost about 7% of their total body weight, but the amino acids + whey protein group lost a greater percentage of fat to lean tissue.



Here is another inspiring story …



Are you aware of the effects of the protein and amino acid supplementation to physical performance? In a study of Tour de France bicycle race cycling participants, the nutritional factors that greatly enhance the metabolism of the participants were remarkable.


Nutritional factors highly contributed to the ability of the individual to perform in a sustained endurance activity. To reiterate what we had discussed in previous articles, if you remember, the most basic way to lose weight quickly is to build lean muscle mass and create a weight loss program focused on the combination of diet and exercise.


The study found that glycogen repletion usually complete within 16 hours and intake closely followed expenditure. An individual may sustain a high level of endurance activity in extended periods without loss of lean body mass as long as the energy intake is sufficient to match the output.


Protein and amino acid supplementation may help increase fat loss.


The cyclist did not lose weight or body fat during the race, because they consumed carbohydrate rich drinks that matched or slightly exceeded energy expenditure.


To lose weight, you need to lessen the intake of carbohydrates or carbohydrate rich foods and drinks. The lesson? Energy in should equal energy out.



Amino acids supplement weightloss

The role of the amino acids in weight loss and their significance for fat burning hasn’t been explained well. A review of their functions revealed that a person’s defensive mechanisms are largely dependent on the ability of the individual to synthesize new proteins, such as antibodies, cytokines, thymic hormones, lipoproteins, cell surface protein receptors, and much more.


Low quality diet plans in the developing world are based largely on cereals, with small contributions from legumes and animal protein. You need to consume proteins of higher quality in lesser amounts and proteins of lower quality in greater amounts to synthesize body proteins.


Protein quality refers to how efficient dietary proteins are being converted to body protein. Plant proteins are generally associated with less saturated fat, less total fat, and more polyunsaturated fat.


build lean muscle mass, take amino proteins to lose weight


These proteins are more beneficial to health since they do not contain cholesterol unlike shellfish, red meats, and poultry. The consumption of soy derived protein, plant proteins, or a combination of plant and animal proteins would decrease the level of total fat, cholesterol, and saturated fatty acids in the diet.


This lowers serum cholesterol and saturated fat levels. Plant protein sources also contain substances, such as the soluble fiber that are not found in animal proteins.


Among the plant proteins, power antioxidant soy has been found to contain a better balance of essential amino acids necessary for the maintenance of lean mass.


A meta analysis of the soy diet revealed that it provides beneficial influence on blood lipids and improves the long-term health benefits of the diet.


The timing of protein intake in terms of exercise and cognitive performance was not explored in most studies. However, military studies suggest that post exercise feeding may prove to be beneficial in maintaining glycogen and protein.




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Amino acids stimulate weight loss hormones


Post exercise feeding may result in improved glycogen storage and maintenance of lean mass. Getting a little bit of the good stuff like vitamins and amino acids can mean getting rid of all the bad stuff like fat, bile, and abnormal and foreign compounds, which can make all the difference to your weight loss goals.


When foods high in protein are consumed, the protein molecules are broken down to reveal amino acids. These then go to work to wake up other fat burning hormones, as well as protect and repair tissue and bone.


There are certain amino acid compounds that stimulate the body to get all the weight loss hormones and processes working in the most efficient and fastest speeds possible. Some trigger hormones to regulate metabolic processes so that fat stores are being removed and transported, burned and used for energy.




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The systematic supplementation of certain amino acids allows the body to produce enough fat burning hormones in a natural manner. The amino acids can have an equally powerful effect on overall health as vitamins and minerals. Detecting and addressing deficiencies are critical steps in enhancing metabolism for weight loss.

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