Simply Reset Your Metabolism And Lose Weight Long Term

Simply Reset Your Metabolism And Lose Weight Long Term

For many years, you have been following weight loss programs and diet meal plans you have no idea about the long term health effects. A weight loss plan may work temporarily for most people, but may not get you in shape safely. When you are ready to lose fat, you have to unlearn everything you have been told and copied in the past. One of the best weight loss solutions is resetting your metabolism. Know how to reset your metabolism and look forward to being fit and slim.


As you work hard to lose your excess weight, you must remember that factors such as your weight loss program, diet, and lifestyle, affect the way you shed off the fat. One fact to note and deeply embed in your brain. Weight loss programs won’t work if you do not include your diet.


Different foods go through different metabolic pathways in the body and also create different effects on the hormones, hunger and the calories you may burn. Diet programs must work hand in hand with the specific weight loss program you follow.


Skipping meals or not eating in an effort to lose weight may not give you what you want, but more on make you gain more weight than what you have now at the end of day. Losing weight and resetting your metabolism takes time and effort, so be patient!


Based on history, cave dwellers in the ancient times used fat as their body’s fuel for undefined days that they need to stay on their habitat without food. Most men and women used this theory to skip meals, while ignoring the one important factor that made everything so easy to lose weight in the ancient times – physical activity!


In today’s modern world, you can see people surrounded with fast foods and the luxury of riding cars and elevators. Many men and women cannot even do a single fitness routine in a day.


Reality check, actually most of us now do not even exercise or do some light physical activity that can help burn the fat, which as a result, made our bodies store the excess fat, instead of using them. As a result, the majority of women prefer to skip meals with the belief they would shed the pounds off the scale.






Starving the body may indeed produce a temporary weight loss. But, take note that when the human body is in a famine state, its first reaction is to store whatever fat you may have at the moment, and then crave for more fat.


Haven’t you wondered yet, why those fats kept coming back? Why did you gain the weight back?



This is how it should be …



If you want to lose weight fast, then learn the secret of doing it safely. Focus on building lean muscle mass through strength training weight loss program and planning a nutritious diet meal plan.


A good diet plan combined with the right weight loss program can truly make a huge difference. No matter or whatever the reason, you either skip meals or do not eat one single healthy meal in a day, you are disturbing your body’s system and may elicit a famine response.


Reset metabolism for weight loss


Skipping meals, hunger and the human body

What is the body’s response to skipping meals, famine, or not eating? What does hunger actually do to your body?


Starvation is the biological consequence of continuous scarcity of food. Not eating is just like starving yourself.


Skipping meals makes the body goes through the starved-fed cycle, which is largely driven by glucose. As the starvation progresses, more and more of the brain’s fuel is provided by the ketone bodies rather than the glucose.


One obvious result of starvation is weight loss. When a person is at two-thirds of their total body weight, it means the body has reached a point where just a slight negative circumstance that may happen can actually push the person to death.


Death from starvation happens after the body’s store of triacylglycerol is gone and there occurs a protein degradation eventually leading to organ failure.


If a lack of food continues, a person’s pulse rate will be slow, the blood pressure will fall, and then develop a heart muscle atrophy, where the heart muscles become enlarged to provide the body an adequate supply of blood and oxygen. The last organ to lose any weight is the brain.


Actually, you do not have to have a bloated belly to be malnourished. All it takes is continually missing out the key nutrients.


During starvation, the body is not receiving protein, which means that the enzyme and hormones are not being produced properly, which can result in a number of health issues.


For those who are trying to get the food out of their stomach after eating or for those who do not eat at all, please be aware that you are making your body respond to a famine state, which may not bring good results for your weight loss goals.


This is a process where the body burns less calories, uses less fat, and stores more fat in anticipation of the famine state. Starving yourself in an attempt to lose weight could make you gain more weight.


The body reacts and sees your starving state option as famine and decides to store more fats. This famine kind of reset metabolism condition makes the body slowly burn calories.


Be careful with your weight loss choices, it might make you fat than lose weight. You have heard it before, and maybe ignored it too.


Now, let us understand this first: What is reset metabolism? How do you rev up and reboot your metabolism?


Reset metabolism is your body’s response to your eating and nutrition choices. In a famine state, it will decide to store more fats and burn less calories.


This predicts the body’s response to natural food cravings. It will automatically take and store more fat. It also tends to hold the fat.




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Congratulations! You just made your body function in the starving state and get a reset metabolism. If you believe that you will lose weight quickly this way, then you are wrong.


The more you skip meals and decide to stay at that level, the more it will result in a slower metabolic rate, which them becomes the new metabolic rate. Just imagine how you will look like with this new metabolic rate – flabs all over!


Smile! Less food, more weight. Are you trying to lose weight or gain weight? Understand your metabolic rate better so you can develop a highly targeted approach, such as building your lean muscles.


One example of reset metabolism is to exercise. Develop your own fitness routine, such as jogging early morning, brisk walking, or swimming. Increase your physical activity to burn calories.


Sweating is a great way to burn your calories without trying to put yourself into starvation mode. Try to build lean muscle mass and make it as a goal.


Green Diet Weight Loss Plan



Green diet

Eating more fruits and vegetables can help flush the fats! Using vegetables for losing weight is a smart idea. They are low in calories, contain vitamins and minerals, and fill you up with their fiber and water.


They are what nutritionists call a low kilojoule density that allows you to eat more on your plate, but gives you fewer kilojoules in each bite. Whether you want to lose just a few pounds or completely change your eating habits, size and shape, the green diet can help you do it all without having to skip meals.


Eating fruits is not only convenient, it is faster than having to cook your own meals. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables ensures weight loss without causing any harm to the body.


Weight loss happens when you consume fewer calories than you burn. Don’t shop for the same old fruits, keep things mixed up, and try fruits you may not have had before. Just do it – eat your fruits and vegetables every day!


Most dieters know that fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy, balanced diet that can help fill you up, especially when you are trying to lose weight. Most fruits and vegetables are low in calories and fat, and high in fiber, which are the three essential ingredients for a successful weight loss program.

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