Steam Frying Your Food Can Make You Look Younger Than Your Age

Steam Frying Your Food Can Make You Look Younger Than Your Age

Feeling sad lately why your aging skin care creams are not powerfully working on reviving your youthful beauty anymore? The answer may just be on your kitchen. Food is very powerful, but most people have forgotten that and yet, still expect to be on top of their weight loss program and hope they be looking young as ever. Although cooking food has become more complicated than it should be these days with all the recipes and food blogs of high end magazines making elaborate meals, the only thing you can do wrong is when you oversalt it, oversugar it, overcream it or overcook it.


Building a cooking habit can seem pretty daunting for just anyone. In addition, surviving on that could literally mean a great struggle in the kitchen. Understand that the cooking process should be able to retain as much as possible the maximum nutrients and antioxidants in your food to sustain your health, which also keeps you feeling and looking younger.


Steam frying is one good way to cook rejuvenating, tasty meals. Eat yourself young. Revitalize and refuel your body to make yourself look and feel younger. Learn how to cook your food, reverse aging, and look younger than your age.


Steam frying is a Chinese method of cooking which combines both frying and steaming. Cooking is best done in a nonstick frying pan.


You start by heating a small amount of oil, usually just a few tablespoons. When the fat is hot, you add the items you are steam frying, and saute them for a few minutes.


When they start to sizzle, you add the liquid, but should just be enough to cook the vegetables, and be very careful not to end up stewing or braising instead.



Cooking and preparation

Accumulated cell damage due to lifestyle and diet can affect the way you look now. Immediately improve the way you look and age. Food is very powerful. It can be your slowest poison or your greatest healer.


Experts point out that some cooking methods in preparing meals can actually provide healthier outcomes than others. Depending on the type of food, cooking methods, such as frying, steaming, stewing and boiling should be used interchangeably.


Most times, people cook vegetables for long hours using large amounts of water, but this is wrong. It is important to watch out for the amount of water used while cooking, because the vegetables contain both water soluble and fat soluble vitamins that react differently when exposed to both heat and water.


On boiling in hot water for long, water soluble vitamins, such as B and C leach out into the liquid. Nothing would be left for you within the vegetable besides the fiber.


When preparing vegetables, boiling should be replaced with other methods, such as steaming. It can reduce the effect or damage on the vitamins.


You may wrap the vegetables in a foil and place them on top of food or use a porous pan so the temperature can simply work to just soften them. Microwave cooking may not necessarily yield the same benefit.


The best way to cook broccoli is to steam it for about 3 to 4 minutes, until it turns a bright green color. Each time you cook food, chemical changes take place and there occurs loss of some nutrients.


Although cooking induces nutrient loss to some degree, it practically helps kill some of the nasty microbes that cause food poisoning. Actually, exposing the food to heat, oxygen or light alters the nutrients it contains.


aging skin care is better with steam frying food



Tips to maximize nutrient retention during cooking

If you need to boil food, use as little water as possible


Add cooking juices from things like meat back to the food


Cook vegetables until they are firm rather than soft if it suits your tastes as it means fewer nutrient losses from heat.



What makes steaming the choice of the experts? Steaming meat, such as lamb or pork, removes the fat from the meat so it can be easily discarded. Conventional cooking methods, such as grilling, baking or frying, cook the fat into the meat.


Steam cooking keeps the vegetables close to their natural raw state as possible, which allows them to retain their original color, taste, juice, and freshness.


Steam cooking retains the vitamins and minerals found in vegetables, which are usually lost with the conventional methods of cooking. Steam frying uses less oil than stir frying, but makes a tastier side dish than basic steamed vegetables.


If you need a quick side dish of vegetables to go with your meal, just steam fry them. You can use this technique to cook just about any vegetable in the fridge, from cauliflower to green beans.



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look younger by steam frying your food



Just how do you steam fry vegetables?

Depending on the number of people you feed, you may use a 10 inch skillet to make about 4 servings of vegetables, or a 12 inch skillet if you are making 6 servings.


Heat a little oil in a pan, add the vegetables and a pinch of salt, then stir fry just long enough to get a little bit of color on the veggies. After that, add a splash of liquid to the pan and quickly cover with a lid to trap the steam inside.


You may just want enough water, broth or stock to steam the vegetables, not braise them. This may mean having only about 2 tablespoons of liquid for 4 servings (about 1 pound of vegetables) or 3 to 4 tablespoons for 6 servings (about 1 ½ pounds of vegetables).


At this point you can add extra flavoring, such as soy sauce, fish sauce, or a squeeze of lemon. The vegetables will steam its way to tenderness in just a few minutes.


Use a fork to spear the vegetables and see if it’s tender and cooked. The vegetables should be cooked into bite sized pieces for cooking. Aim for 1 to 2 inch lengths or chop and break into an inch.


Stir fry the vegetables until they have some light brown spots for about 5 minutes. Cover the skillet. Let the vegetables steam, covered, until just tender, which usually takes about 4 minutes.


If not done, add another tablespoon or two of liquid. Cover and steam a bit longer. Serve when the vegetables are tender, transfer them to a serving dish. Sprinkle with parsley or whatever flavor you prefer and serve while still warm.



Things to remember

Put less oil or no oil at all for a lower fat content. Avoid overcooking and burning the food. Vegetables normally need no longer than 5 minutes to be steamed thoroughly.


Don’t crowd the pan. Stick to no more than 4 cups of chopped hard or medium hard vegetables or 8 to 12 cups chopped leafy greens in a 14 inch wok to avoid crowding the pan. The wok should be deep enough to hold the greens.


Vegetables should be very dry or they will steam and braise in the pan and lose their crisp texture.



There is no anti aging skin care product that can help you look younger, except what you eat and how you cook your food. Look 10 years younger and get rid of those wrinkles immediately by making simple, quick changes to your diet. Keep in mind that beauty is not all about creams and makeup. Let your food be your best aging skin care tool in making you stay younger looking longer.


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