Obesity Lessons From The China Study: Why Losing Weight Is Difficult With The Modern Diet?

Obesity Lessons From The China Study: Why Losing Weight Is Difficult With The Modern Diet?

Obesity Lessons From The China Study: Why Losing Weight Is Difficult With The Modern Diet?

What to eat and what not to eat and how to keep a diet that would help you stay fit and pretty is still a one million dollar question until now. The food you eat and drink is a very complex, personal decision. Much of it may came from and are based from your family experience. However, the taste, consistency, and emotion also play a significant role in a person’s diet. The book that focuses on the knowledge gained from the China Study suggests that a high consumption of animal based foods is associated with more chronic disease, including obesity. The book, China Study, summarizes the author’s lifetime journey focused on several nutrition studies.


After reading the book and watching the YouTube videos about the China Study, you would realize the different ways food can impact your personal and social life. Meat in the modern diet offers a surplus of energy and is contributing to the prevalence of the global obesity.


Almost all websites and popular magazines talked about diet, health, and nutrition, but none has really given the real time information revealed in The China Study. The research provided a framework for deeply understanding the relevance of nutrition and proper food choice of health.


Don’t let this important information pass through from one ear to the other ear and off into the air. Poor diet has been the cause of the overall pattern of poor health in the US and anywhere in the world.


Poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle have been increasing the occurrences of cancer, obesity, diabetes, stroke, and heart diseases. Meat has largely contributed to the prevalence of obesity in the same manner sugar has affected the world’s population.


Whether you like it or not, the fats and carbohydrates in modern diets have already supplied enough energy to meet the human body’s daily needs. Because meat protein is digested later than fats and carbohydrates, this makes the energy you receive from protein a surplus, which is then converted and stored as fat.


New research suggests that the consumption of meat contributes just as much as sugar to the growing prevalence of global obesity. The increased availability of meat may be making a significant contribution to the global waist sizes.


Even Bill Clinton learned that cutting protein from animals can dramatically and rapidly cuts the rates of heart disease and cholesterol. It is true that eating plant-based foods has been less appreciated by most people in this planet. Mostly are not convinced that this type of food provides more health benefits than animal-based foods do.


plant based diet can make you lose weight and age less


Surprised? People have become so accustomed to chronic illness that most individuals simply assume that conditions, such as heart disease or stroke are like wrinkles that is bound to happen eventually and are a natural part of the aging process. Ugh, that mindset may hurt your pockets like a wrecking ball soon!


Just look at the explosion of blood pressure and cholesterol drugs that doctors seen to be giving them out like candies. Meat munchers, in most cases, seem to experience worsening arterial blockage.


What is the core of this terrible disease? Plaque. This is the waxy, fatty deposit that builds up in various places in the body, specifically the arteries. Over time it grows more fatty, greasier, and nasty.


If left untreated and along with an unhealthy diet, the arteries may completely close off and trigger a heart attack. So, if you want to stay beautiful and glow with life, then ditch the meat and bring in the plants.


In addition to halting the accumulation of plaque, a proper plant based diet can also reverse the process entirely. Meat eaters throw a lot of false facts and the most common is this: You can’t get enough protein eating plants!


The plant based proteins are complete. The rich sources of plant based proteins are fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, and seeds. To tell you the truth. Plant protein can meet protein requirements when a variety of plant food is consumed and the energy needs are met.



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You can definitely get all your protein needs from a plant strong diet. Animal proteins and the plant proteins are both complete. However, the composition and proportion of the amino acids in animal protein are higher in sulfur containing amino acids, which taken in excess may be harmful.


On the other hand, the plant proteins have a healthier composition and balance of the essential amino acids in a way that inherently protects from inflammation and tumor growth.


Being surrounded by fast foods and refined, processed goods can definitely affect your weight loss program and body shape. Changing your dietary practices is the only way you can experience a variety of benefits brought by a well-prepared green diet meal plan, especially in terms of weight loss.


Eating a plant based diet can prevent the onset of ageing and tissue degeneration. Eating more vegetables prevents age related diseases.


Protein is the most sacred of all nutrients as it functions as enzyme, hormone, structural tissue, and transports molecules. Protein makes life possible with its long chain of amino acids.




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The key to losing weight is not really not eating meat, but following a plant based diet. However, you can facilitate weight loss when you stop or eat less meat.


The problem with today’s meat is that it is not like what it used to be. It is often harvested from animals that ate grains and were pumped full of hormones and antibiotics to make them grow faster. They were not meat from grass fed animals.


Simply put, it would be great if you can find and consume meat from healthy, naturally raised animals, such as grass fed cows or chicken. Reducing your meat consumption and going veggie is good for your weight loss goal.


Eating Meat Can Make You Fat


Based on several studies, the vegetarian diets proved to be the most effective diet for weight loss. This means, when you go meatless most of the time, you are likely to lose weight and get healthy with ease.


Eating mainly plant based diet is the smartest way to cut calories. Nothing is off limits. The goal is to add more plant based foods to your diet while cutting back on meat and you will lose weight effectively in less time. Just go meatless when you try to develop your weight loss diet plan.

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